Shake it up: 3 types of content to get your brand noticed

The great thing about digital creative content is that there are so many types for any situation or piece of information. Businesses often stick with the same types of content because it’s produced positive results. However by switching up typical content, a business could add fresh traffic, targeted visitors, higher conversion rate and better SEO.

This list is by no means exhaustive. But, the following three types of content are well suited for the digital reality.


 In the digital age, folks love to receive information fast and in an organized way that makes sense. A visual infographic handles just that. According to a study from SlideShare, infographics were liked and shared on social media up to three times more often than other content. This particular type of content is best for data, research, statistics and new findings.


Nothing promotes a business like the promotion of real people. Interviews from entry-level workers to CEO’s show transparency for a company. This translates to a personal connection. In addition, interviews are unique content. No one else has this specific content without attributing it back to you.


They’re easy, and nearly anyone or any organization can use them. Sure, putting in-depth content into a photo meme isn’t really possible, but that’s not the point of a meme. Memes are easily viral units of hilarity. Why use them? They use easy, consumable, shareable content with people’s faces. They add thought-provoking ideas to pair with your content while keeping you relevant on social networks. Branding Beat notes that memes keep your brand inside your fans’ newsfeeds: “An image or photo meme can give your company an edge by getting quick likes and shares that keep your company’s posts scrolling through your fans’ homepages.” They get fans to interact with your company’s post, ultimately getting your brand in front of a larger audience.