parent company becomes Energy Media Group

Energy Media Group LLC. (EMG) is pleased to announce the launching of its new company and website EMG is an industry leader in full service digital marketing strategies with in-depth expertise in original content development, news and story telling, publishing, social media, branding, web development, marketing campaigns, and search engine optimization. These tactics enable clients to reach, and engage highly targeted audiences while minimizing costs.

EMG was created through the merger of Engage Media Strategies (Engage) and Shale Plays Media (Shale Plays), which were both co-founded by Michael Marcil and Lewis Amicone III. Engage provides a wide range of agency services such as content marketing, social media marketing and management, data analytics, search engine optimization, digital marketing, web development, graphic design, photography,  video and animation.

Shale Plays is a network of digital publishing assets that include: EnergyBizWire,,,,,, and  According to Michael Marcil, CEO of EMG, “We identified the initial opportunity to provide comprehensive news and information concentrated on the energy revolution which is occurring in North America. Our unique distribution platform is focused on creating engaging content that resonates with core audiences.”

Both companies bring together unique capabilities and extensive client experience, across multiple verticals that establish the backbone of Energy Media Group.

EMG has demonstrated a unique ability to help their clients weather unpredictable markets, giving them an edge over other marketing groups. “The evolution into the Energy Media Group, enables us to provide a comprehensive line of digital marketing practices and audience engagement services that leverages our digital publishing assets, content creation capabilities, and years of client experience. We help companies use our content and distribution platforms to be successful in any marketplace,” said Marcil.

Since its inception, EMG has focused on building expertise in all aspects of the energy sector while also continuing to expand its areas of marketing services into engineering, manufacturing, real estate, professional and financial services, retailers and consumer products clients. According to Marcil, “Energy powers everything in our lives, and the idea of energizing our clients through innovation, technology and creativity says everything about our culture and brand. Not only does EMG create relevant and compelling content, but it manages and optimizes distribution to reach a large and already engaged audience. This ensures that the right message is delivered to the right audience at the right time to achieve positive outcomes.”

 About Energy Media Group:

EMG is a digital services company with extensive experience in oil and gas, alternative energy, engineering, manufacturing, financial services, consumer products and real estate. EMG works successfully by using a combination of content development and distributed strategies across a proprietary digital media platform to ensure clients find success in engaging their target audiences. Using a blend of creativity and technology, the company has grown to 36 full time employees.