Online advertising: One size does NOT fit all

For far too long the assumption has been social media is intended for retailers to announce their big summer deal or for a restaurant to unveil the new must-have entrée.

That assumption is out the window, and now it’s time for the rise of the niche companies across social media. Social media is allowing companies to springboard their online advertising from an afterthought into the forefront of the audience’s mind.

There’s no justifiable reason your company has any less claim to be visible on social media. Your company has something that someone needs. Social media is there to connect you with those in need. Don’t have an advertisement for 50% off sandals? No big deal. What you do have is testimonials, previous projects and pictures upon pictures of your work. And that tops half-priced sandals any day.

The world is more connected than ever before. It’s now the easiest it’s ever been for someone to find that one thing they need. Be there to greet them when they come looking for you. Move over, retailers. Niche companies are moving in.