addy award

Advertising that makes a statement – Dallmann wins Gold Addy

Sometimes a piece of furniture is just a place to sit.

And sometimes, it is so well-designed it becomes a conversation piece.

That was the inspiration for EMG Creative Director Eric Dallman’s Addy Gold Award-winning print ad for Aartisan Furniture. But Dallman didn’t stop there. By creating a graphic thought bubble to hold the message, he took the concept to its logical, not necessarily obvious, conclusion: “I wanted the furniture to speak for itself.”

Now in its 60th year, the Fargo chapter of the American Advertising Association sponsors the largest and most respected advertising awards competition in North Dakota. Those who win local Addy awards, like Eric, advance to regional and eventually nationals.

Winning Addy Gold is nothing new for Dallman. It was his third time in four years. Dallman’s signature style has earned him many fans. It’s also what sets him apart. “Consumers have become numb to standard advertising messaging and techniques. Successful creative makes a connection with consumers in unorthodox ways.”

The awards took place February 26, 2016 in Fargo, North Dakota.