A Plan for Your Success

Every organization defines success differently. Your company may need more qualified leads, better customer engagement, higher visibility or a mixture of goals. But how do you find the right goals for your organization and put together a marketing plan that helps you reach them?

Great marketing programs start with an acute understanding of your company’s strategic initiatives, marketing goals and target objectives.

Our methodology begins with extensive research about your target audience. We develop a strategy to leverage social platforms, search engines, cutting edge technologies, nationally syndicated media channels and other media networks to work in harmony with your own website.

By developing the perfect messaging cadence, rich content and captivating creative design with the right mix of media exposure, we help you tell a unique story that resonates with your core audience.  When done right, the net result is cost-effective marketing that helps engage your audience and maximize growth. You not only want your audience to notice you, but engage with your brand through action.

You can rely on our deep understanding of data and user behavior to optimize your campaign messaging and continually achieve higher rates of success. For a fraction of the cost of maintaining your own marketing team, we can manage it all for you by employing industry-leading talent and making investments in cutting-edge technology–all while maintaining an extraordinary client relationship with you.

Our Process


  • partner with you.
  • identify your needs.
  • help you build strategy.
  • engage your target audiences.
  • optimize campaigns to match your objectives.
  • deploy highly skilled, motivated teams to maximize your results.
Process Infinity

This process is an infinite, iterative loop that leverages years of deep on-the-job experience. Our skills coupled with cutting-edge technology provide data-rich findings, allowing a relentless focus on your desired outcomes. It’s naturally evolutionary and innovative in its design to methodically propel your business forward. Through this process we become an extension of your brand and our people become ingrained in your culture.

Our Products and Services = Your Solutions

We provide you with the most relevant solutions working in concert with your strategic plan to deliver your desired outcomes with the highest level of target audience engagement at the right cost–providing you with a platform for success.

Data & Analytics

Data can be confusing, misleading, and in the worst-case even send you down a path that finds you miles off-course. We cut through the noise, bridge information silos and help you navigate through potentially confusing information to reveal valuable trends and patterns. We help you understand the rich data sets to create powerful, integrated strategies that help you get the best possible return on investment.

Here’s how we help you become data-smart:

  • Sales data analytics
  • Marketing analytics
  • Campaign optimization
  • Audience segmentation
  • Email hygiene and verification
  • Business geo-analytics
  • Data appending
  • Sales team lead authentication
  • Sales team target customer profiling
  • Key performance indicator (KPIs) development


Creative development is personal to every brand, and we recognize that ‘listen first, develop second’ is critical to achievement in design. We spend the necessary time to get to know your brand, product or services before we develop creative for you. Our team of award-winning design experts combine years of artistic, technical design and digital marketing. They work together to develop concepts that will set you apart from the competition, leaving a truly unforgettable impression on your audience.

Here are the creative elements to make you look like the professionals :

  • Brand Identity Guides
  • Logo Development
  • Icon Design
  • Website Development and Design
  • Mobile Application Design and Development
  • Digital Animation
  • Web and Traditional Advertising
  • Infographics creation
  • Meme Development
  • Video/Photography
  • VSL Video Creation
  • Video Voice Overs
  • Sales Collateral
  • Sales Slide Shows
  • Product Spec Sheets
  • Media Kits
  • Tri-Folds
  • Brochures
  • Letter Head
  • Business Cards


EMG knows that Search Engine Optimization, (commonly referred to as SEO), is an area of digital marketing that most digital marketers know they have to do, but often take a “by the book” approach. Instead, we have developed customized search solutions that minimize your risk of search engine penalty and maximize your marketing growth. Our search engine optimization knowledge and expertise drives visibility, market share, competitive advantage, and revenue for your business while working in harmony with a fully-integrated digital marketing program.

SEO is a recurrent process that requires consistency and attention. From staying on top of the latest search engine algorithm changes to keeping on top of competitor and industry changes, our SEO team continually audits, analyzes, and optimizes your web site to ensure you are always a step ahead. In an industry where experience matters, and over a decade and a half of deep expertise, we consistently deliver exceptional results and ROI for our clients.

Our process begins with a comprehensive audit to correct, enhance, optimize and define your vision for your search engine optimization efforts. Then, we work with you to clearly define baselines, set measurable goals and produce and economically viable program for you. In the end, we will develop and deploy an aggressive strategy using our skills and industry best practices to propel your site to the top of the search engines.

Here’s how we raise your brand above the clutter: 

  • Complete Site Audit for SEO Compliance
  • Meta Data Development & Writing
  • Page Titles – Title Tags
  • Page Descriptions – Meta
  • Page Keywords – density and stemming
  • Header Tag Development- H1, H2, H3
  • Alt Tag Writing
  • Anchor Text Development
  • Page Content Considerations & Recommendations
  • Cross-Page Linking Design and Implementation
  • URL and Taxonomy Development
  • Domain Level Page Naming
  • URL to Query Development
  • Redirects strategy and Implementation
  • Social Sharing Profile Review

Content Marketing

Content is King, and what makes the kingdom work is integrating great content with your brand messages in a way that resonates with target audiences and engages them to create the desired outcome. Our experienced team of journalists and copywriters are here to help you design content that is authentic to your brand message and cultivates target audience engagement to produce a desired outcome.

What doesn’t work is slapping content on webpages or syndicating generic content across media channels and hoping it creates engagement.

We view it differently.

Every brand has a reason to exist, and often we find that if that reason is positioned well and written about in an informative, actionable way that helps solve problems in the market the result is a well educated excited to speak with you target audience that is 75% more likely to buy or receive your company’s value.

Great content doesn’t work in a sphere all its own. We pair exceptional content with a strategic plan to give you a consistent and engaging brand voice from your website to your social media. We listen first to your challenges, your insights, and your desired outcomes, and come back with strategies that are well researched, bring clarity to complex problems, and deliver results.

Here’s how we help you accomplish this:

  • Journalistic Interviewing, Fact Finding and Storytelling
  • Article Copywriting
  • White Paper Copywriting
  • Webpage, Websites/Landing Page Copy
  • Lead Magnet Copy and Sales Pitch Development
  • Advertising Copy
  • Sales Copy and Voice Over Scripts
  • Social Marketing Copy
  • Blog Writing
  • Article Copy
  • Press Release Copy and Distribution
  • Traditional Off-line Ad Cop

Social Media

Whether you have an existing social media profile or you’re looking to gain awareness, we deploy strategies related to the creation of content and customer engagement, position your message at the center of social media and deploy strategies that expand the conversation with your target audience. Our team provides full engagement and campaign analytics to inform out iterative campaign process. Our Social programs are about creating engagement and interaction between your customers and your objectives.

Here’s how we get you Fans, Pins, Tweets, Pluses, SnapChats, Instagrams, Posts, and Shares:

  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Display Advertising
    • Facebook Ads
    • Twitter Ads
    • LinkedIn Ads
    • Instagram Ads
  • Social Network Profile/Page Creation
  • Facebook Buying Strategies and Media Management
  • Strategy and Implementation
  • Brand Reputation Management
  • Measurement and Analytics
  • Social Network Management
    • Facebook Page Posts
    • Facebook Event Posts
    • Twitter Tweets
    • LinkedIn Page Posts
    • Google+ Profile Posts
    • Pinterest Pins
    • Instagram Posts

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